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Search Engine Optimization Services

Seo training courses, website promotion, search engine optimisation consultant
SEO 7 Services believes in providing Affordable SEO Service to all small and medium size businesses. SEO 7 Services is a full internet marketing & advertising company, that can help you solve your toughest search engine optimization dilemmas through careful SEO Consulting or SEO Training, which are two ways to help you " Do It Yourself" to save more money. These optins will save you a lot of money in any future Search Engine Marketing Campaign.

Free seo services, top search engine placement , internet marketing services

1 - Free SEO Services,
Free SEO Consulting &
Free SEO Ranking Reports

At SEO 7 Services, we will not charge you a dime unless we completely analyze your website, understand your particular situation and reach a decision on the best internet marketing strategies to get your website to top search engine placement in the shortest possible time.

We offer at least 1 hour of  Free SEO Consultation to all our customer before starting any internet marketing or advertising strategy. In reality we spend with our clients as much time as needed to clearly understand their business, products, competition and customers. Our final goal is always to determine the most effective SEO strategies to achieve top search engine placement for our client's website.

Read more about our  Free SEO Services.
keyword selection, keyword research, keyword analysis

2 -  Keyword  Research  &
Keyword  Analysis

Keyword Research, Selection and Analysis are the most important aspects of any search engine optimization campaign or PPC campaign. If you are targeting the wrong keywords, your customers may never find you.

How and Where to Use Your Keywords? The proper optimization of your site for even a handful of keywords can increase your traffic dramatically, and save you thousands of dollars over pay per click advertising and other expensive marketing strategies.

Read more about   Keyword  Research  and  Keyword  Analysis.

competitive analysis, competitor analysis, internet advertising

3 - Website Competitive Analysis  &
Website Competitive Analysis Reports,
Your Secret Weapons to Beat the Competition,

Website Competitive Analysis is your only way to find out why your competitors' websites are ahead of your site. It is the only way to know how your competitors managed to achieve a top search engine placement and how to modify your website promotion strategies to beat the competitors to the top placement.

More than 70% of all new website visitors come through search engine searches, and more than 60 % of all this traffic goes to the 10 top search engine placement results. So, if your business does not have a top search engine placement, then you are loosing customers to your competitors every day.

Read more about   Website Competitive Analysis.

build reciprocal links, how to get backlinks, link building expert, one way backlinks

4 - Increase Link Popularity with
Link Exchange and
One Way Quality Backlinks

Link Exchange and Building Backlinks are two of the most important factors for top search engine placement. There is no doubt that Link Popularity is a critical factor in search engine ranking.

Inbounds Links and Link popularity are the main factors that major search engines use to rank web sites. So, building backlinks is an integral part of any effective search engine optimization strategy.

Read more about   Link Popularity  and  Building Backlinks.

Free SEO Report, affordable seo service, seo analysis report

5 - Every  SEO  Report  is  a  Gold  Mine
What  Makes  our  SEO  Reports  Different?

Our SEO Reports collect the most important aspects of search engine optimization into an easy to read reports, detailing all the critical information of your Website. You will have all the necessary information at your fingertips that will help you make informed decisions about how to advance your ranking in the different search engine results.

SEO 7 Services simplified ranking reports remove the mystery surrounding search engines' ranking algorithm and outlines, in easy to understand words, how to optimize your web pages for better search engine ranking results.

Read more  about our simplified detailed    SEO  Reports.
Social media marketing, social media optimization, social networking marketing

6 - Social Media Marketing,
Social Media Optimization &
Social Networking Marketing.

Social Media Marketing is simply the latest internet marketing strategy to promote your business online through the different social media sites. It is an excellent way to promote your brand, encourage brand loyalty, get more back links to your site, drive a massive amount of website traffic and generate a buzz about your business online.

Social media marketing offers unique opportunities to enhance and expand the traditional internet marketing strategies. It is essential to establishing a solid position for your business online. Without Social Media Marketing or Social Networking Marketing, you'll be missing a significant percentage of your online customers.

Read more about     Social  Media  Marketing  &  Social  Media  Optimization.

seo training, seo consultants, search engine optimisation consultant

7 - Affordable SEO Consultation
to achieve a
Top Search Engine Placement

Our SEO Consultant will meet  with your in-house SEO team or your webmaster to discuss the specific needs of your business. Our SEO Expert will explain and demonstrate how a few strategic changes can improve your site rankings dramatically in a short time.

Read more about our    Affordable   SEO   Consulting    Services.
search engine optimisation training, search engine marketing course, seo consultants

8 - Complete  SEO
Training  Course

This Search Engine Optimization Course covers almost every aspect of the basic and advanced internet marketing strategies.  With this course you save 15 % of your total cost.

SEO 7 Services provide SEO training to companies with webmasters who wish to perform their optimization in-house. We can provide our SEO training to only one or two emploies or up to 20 - 30 persons depending on your situation.

Click here to see the details of our    Search  Engine  Marketing  Course.

Click here to download the details of our    Search  Engine  Marketing  Course.

Read  More  About  Other  Affordable  SEO  Services:
one way links, free link exchange, quality backlinks,

9 - Google Adwords - PPC.

seo services, Social Media Marketing, internet marketing advertising,

10 - SEO Copywriting Services.

seo services, Social Media Marketing, internet marketing advertising,

11 - Article writing and Article Submission Services.

one way links, free link exchange, quality backlinks,

12 - Press Releases and Press Release Distribution Services.

affordable seo service, internet marketing company, top search engine placement

13 - Sitemap Building.

seo services, Social Media Marketing, internet marketing advertising,

14 - Website Design Services.

one way links, free link exchange, quality backlinks,

15 - Photography.

affordable seo service, internet marketing company, top search engine placement

16 - Video Production.

affordable seo service, internet marketing company, top search engine placement

17- Charity SEO Services.

SEO Consultating is a crucial part of any successful internet marketing strategy. In today's chalenging markets, it is not good enough to have a good business website; you must also have a competitive edge over the hundreds  of competitors.

If you're not sure
if your site needs the essential SEO Consultation Services, call us at  514-806-0322 for a free search engine optimization analysis of your site or  contact us to request your Free Quote Today!
affordable seo service, sem, internet marketing strategy

Our head office is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but we offer our SEO Services worldwide.

If you are located in the Greater Montreal Area, we can offer our SEO TrainingSEO Consulting Services either personally, by phone or by Skype.

For our customers worldwide we are very comfortable offering our SEO TrainingSEO Consultation services either by phone or by Skype.
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